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Main Program - March

Graceful As Fuck

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Originally, raining from the UK. Gemma has been dancing and performing for over 15 years. She is a very accomplished individual with many passions, practicing and teaching fitness and yoga. Gemma enjoys combining another love twerking into fitness classes, “it adds an element of fun to a ‘normal’ workout! Plus you will have moves you can use on the weekends!”

What to expect in Gemma’s TwerkHiit?

A nurturing - fun environment where you can learn something different, incorporating twerking, movement, transitions, great music – “amazing singing by moi, fun, silly jokes and laughter!” She loves to welcome all levels to her sessions (even if you don’t think you can…) “I give variations for all!”


Gemma’s philosophy: Don’t take life too seriously; live, laugh love and of course……twerk :)

“So ladies bring your arse to class and move!”

Gemma is our TwerkHiit trainer + We just LOVE HER!