Yay! Our Master trainer makes liftin’ fun to rippin’ soundtracks;
A hellish workout designed to sculpt and tone your entire bod!
This is NOT a liftin’ sesh that is scored or part of a weird competition based cult. We’re just gonna focus on killer moves to smash your body parts into shape. We maintain a focus on FUN, lift in’ and sweatin’ – Why kettle bells? – they’re awesome, that’s why.
(When used correctly) the weight distribution is varied, therefore you’ll make your stabiliser muscles work super hard. The kettle bells are used as super sculptors, the trainer may also include the olympic bar, hand weights and resistance bands into the session. The most basic move, is learning (and mastering) “the swing”.
Our trainer will teach you how to use all the equipment correctly. Also, most importantly you’ll be swingin’ and liftin’ to a rockin’ soundtrack.
Wear; comfy gear that allows plenty of movement, bring extra layers particularly in the cooler weather. We supply equipment. Please bring your own towel and water bottle.