It’s time to get bent.
FLEXIBELLE is a brand new sesh at Alternative Women’s Fitness designed to have you toning, bending and twisting your bod like a pro.

Being a contortionist doesn’t have to be your uptime goal. You’ll build the foundations toward more flexibility, whether that’s touching your toes, doing the splits or strengthening your core.

Master Trainer and bendy sorceress KITTY JANE will take you through movements that actively and passively move your joints through full ranges of motion, while incorporating myofacial release techniques.

Over time you’ll gain more awareness about your body and what it’s capable of. You might just surprise yourself!

All equipment will be supplied. Just bring yourself, a water bottle and a towel.
Wear comfortable gear that allows movement and that you feel great in.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive 10 minutes before session start time to ensure you don’t miss the all important warm up.