Restorative, deep stretching and heavy breathing to an even heavier playlist.

This yoga session takes its name and inspiration from Mad Max’s heroine FURIOSA – named for the rage and fury of women. We want all our AWF recruits to embrace their inner power and strength, while treating their bodies with a rad yoga alternative.

Our Master Trianer is one fierce yogi and a lover of doom metal, but don’t let that scare you off. Doom metal works as a ripper soundtrack for yoga given its deep and atmospheric nature, and our playlist features both calming and energising tracks with minimal lyrics and steady, low-frequency vibrations. You don’t have to be a metalhead to give this sesh a nod. If you’re still not convinced, check out


Our trainer will take you on a journey with this watch and follow style yoga session suitable for most levels, with an emphasis on deep stretching and restorative, strength building poses. Great for stress and anxiety relief and harnessing your inner FURIOSA.
You are encouraged to work within your means and alternative options are always on offer.

Wear comfy gear that allows movement and socks or bare feet, and some snuggly layers just in case.

All equipment is provided so just bring yourself, a water bottle and a towel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: GALS MUST ARRIVE BEFORE START TIME; Rock up 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session so you don’t miss intro.