Unleash your inner animal with a ROAR.

ROAR ‘N’ RELEASE YOGA is our moderate intensity yoga session at Alternative Women’s Fitness. It’s all about nailing those intense poses and then releasing that tension.

The idea behind ROAR ‘N’ RELEASE YOGA is that we all have a lot of stress and strain in our lives. Sometimes, you just need to get it out! A step up from our other yoga sessions, ROAR ‘N’ RELEASE will have you working and sweating harder. Our master trainer makes the vinyasa more complex and you’ll get to try some intermediate level asanas such as headstand, bow, halasana and dancer pose.

You’ll strengthen your core and yourself with stronger, fiercer sequences – unleashing the beast with a ROAR.

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, and bring along socks or go barefoot. Always bring an extra layer just in case, particularly in cooler weather.

We supply mats and the ripping playlist. Just bring yourself, a water bottle and a fierce attitude.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE START TIME. We don’t want you to miss anything important, so be sure to arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.