Most people in elite sports share similar stories of growing up excelling in various sports and are driven by their competitive nature. Me, not so much! I can’t skip, I can’t jump. At school, I was the student who received ‘thank you for participating’ awards and ‘good try’ ribbons in sporting events. I have hilarious flashbacks of taking every single hurdle down with me during races. I remember lifeguards walking alongside me during races to make sure I was okay. To be fair, by that stage it was not really a race considering I was the only one still swimming.

Somehow, someway, I have ended up becoming a professional athlete. Growing up as tomboy, I always enjoyed a good play-fight with my older brothers. As an adult I was introduced to Muaythai through a friend. Initially I just did it for fun. I remember going to the fights one night and there were girls fighting and I remember thinking, ‘I would never have the courage to do that’.

Since then I have gone on to have over 20 fights, won state titles in Muaythai, an Australian Title in Pro Boxing and competed for a World Title. The thing about fighting is it makes you vulnerable. It is the ultimate test of self-belief. It is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. It forces you to be present. It exposes your weaknesses and your strengths. It is terrifyingly wonderful! I have to say though the fact that my passion ended up being in a weighted sport is a cruel twist of fate. For I am a fathlete in an athlete’s world. I think about food. A lot! I am Italian so my struggle with starchy carbs is ongoing. And my love for beer is a love so deep and pure that fighting really stretches the friendship when I have to forego it.

Fighting has taken me on a tough journey emotionally. It took me a long while to figure out why I fight. I realised that when my Dad passed away I felt like I had lost my biggest cheerleader. With that my self-belief crumbled. Fighting has been my way of learning to believe in myself again. It has revealed my character strengths and weaknesses. I have found the mental side of this sport so interesting, complex and so important to performance that it inspired me to do further study. I am currently studying a psychology with the aim of becoming a sport’s psychologists . My blue sky plan is to work with athletes to help them keep their crazies in check so they can function at their optimum! And I have a wealth of experience in crazies 🙂

When I am not punching things or eating or studying I am playing my band of misfits, which consists of six rescue animals. My love for animals runs so deep that I also work as an Animal Carer on a casual basis. My other love outside of fighting, studying, and animals, is writing. I freelance as a sports writer and am currently working on writing my first book. And my main gig is in Marketing and Communications for diamond jewellery manufacturers. To say I have a full schedule is an understatement and now just to keep things interesting I am looking forward to teaching people how to enjoy violent shenanigans also 🙂

Australian ANBF 52.61kg Boxing Champion  + WIBA World Champion

16 Fights, 9 Wins, 3 KOs
Title  2X Victorian WMC 53.5kg Muaythai Champion