Kween Keely, a dedicated Yogi and legend around the traps, believes in delivering an authentic yogic practice while combining fun elements such as music and dance. Whether getting you pumped in Roar n Release Yoga, stretching you out in Yin or Unicorn Yoga, or directing your meditation in Rock Om, Keely is expert at helping you re-connect with your body and find your mindful bliss. Having studied yoga in the Himalayas and travelled extensively around Asia exploring different styles and philosophies of yoga, Keely is passionate about delivering down to earth and unpretentious yoga for everyone.

Kween Keely also has a dance party side! Performing regularly as Debbie Glitterbox in the Real Hot Bitches 80s Dance Troupe; Keely was also a Bey Dance Captain and created the Cult Party dance classes. For AWF, Keely teaches Riff Cult, a combination of dance, aerobics and iconic rock n roll moves to riff-tastic rock music! Keely only began to dance in 2012, and firmly believes it’s both possible and empowering for adults with no dance experience to learn to shake their booties and feel like a Kween!