Pink Training was started by Authentic Women in 2009 by Lisa Turner.
Pink Training is a popular work-out session including strength-training and cardio in addition to boxing.
Lisa’s sister Sabina adapted Pink Training for Alternative Women’s Fitness in 2012, and created a separate Pink Boxing class, in which the primary focus is genuine boxing.
Pink Boxing was created for women to learn the time honoured tradition of boxing, properly, with correct technique, mastering stances, punches, combo’s and more.
This class teaches women to understand, learn, love and master each aspect of boxing, building upon knowledge and improving over time, with the ability to repeat a level or move up to the next level of difficulty when desired.
While still a great cardio fitness and strength work-out, Pink Boxing aims to teach real technique, so women can avoid injury and feel confident that they’re learning the real deal.
Pink Boxing is also a great social outlet and just plain fun, creating new friendships, inspiring greater confidence, and offering laughing camaraderie among Pink Boxers.
Both Authentic Women and AWF are grass-roots fitness alternatives offering programs, casual and membership based fitness classes for women.