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Music: alt, indie, punk, metal and rock.

Women’s boxing training for the experienced. You’ll be challenged, encouraged and supported throughout every session; you’ll learn new drills and develop more complex combo’s; you’ll be offered all new, more intense options; you’ll LOVE IT!

The focus is on refining your boxing skills.

This session is for those that have the skills to do the drills – Each session we’ll look at how you can train like a fighter through various fitness training techniques + light sparring.

The aims of this class to develop more confidence, control and skills that’ll help you thrive in your everyday life. You may not be planning to go pro anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train like a legend.

This is a group journey with other awesome gals, developing your team work and communication skills. Committing to this sesh means committing to offering others the encouragement and support we all need to boost us when learning and growing; without comparing yourself to others; and together, reaching new heights. Being a part of Fight Club is not just about you; it’s about sparring with others and taking the team with you! And showing the world what is means to fight like a legend.


You must have:

Min 6-12 months ongoing boxing experience, ideally with AWF, or under a genuine boxing trainer

  • Minimal injuries or conditions that may prevent participation
  • Your own gloves
  • The ability to wrap your own hands
  • The skills to properly pad hold!!!
  • The ability to rip combos at a FAST pace
  • Stance and footwork skills
  • The ability to engage in core and balance work
  • The skills to undertake partner work, even with left handers

You must want:

  • More skills and a more refined technique
  • Improved fitness and agility
  • A strong core
  • To engage in light sparring
  • To sweat into your hair, and eyes
  • To be pushed to your limits
  • To earn, be empowered and HAVE FUN!

If you find the above a bit full on, it’s back to FUNdamentals for you.