It’s not you, It’s us.

an important message from Sabina, Head Coach – AWF

We hate that it’s come to this, but things have to change…

But we are breaking up with our business structure and booking system – 3 weeks from now.

We love our community, and are dedicated to keeping AWF alive, even through financially trying times.
In order for AWF to live to fight another day, we need to make some major business, legal & financial changes.
And unfortunately we’ll be unable to take bookings, run classes or manage memberships during this time.

it’s ok. Breathe.

So… AWF will be having a ‘Break’
starting 22 July.
No system, no venue booking pages, no AWF memberships or payments.

Never fear!

However if you can’t imagine taking a break from AWF classes, never fear!
Our awesome trainers will be running select AWF classes through-out the break.
We’ll even have a schedule up for all these classes, on the normal schedule page of our website, so you can plan your classes as usual.
We just won’t be able to take payments or make bookings for you, so we’ll provide links to where you can do so yourselves.

Classes that will still be on include:
Brewery Fit! / Pizza Fit! taught by Head Coach Sabina
PiNK BOXiNG and Sculptallica® taught by Head Coach Sabina
Riff Cult and Yoga for Rockers at The Tote taught by Master Trainer Kween Keely
Unicorn Fantasy Yoga, Lush Yin Yoga and ROCK Om Meditation taught by Master Trainer Kween Keely
Flexibelle, Yoga For Rockers and Furiosa Yoga taught by Master Trainer Kitty
♥ With more to be announced

You’ll be able to pay the trainer for these classes:
♥ by class
♥ by double
♥ by 8 class pass
♥ or some will be programs.

And then of course there are all of the classes presented by our sister businesses, which include:

♥ Casual weight and strength classes with Ella at Pony Club Gym
♥ RAD FITNESS Jams and Twerking with Ally and Noughty Nineties with Keely
♥ Loads of different dance, sweat, tone and fitness classes with Annabella and the crew at Mixtape Studio
♥ Boxing, Pilates and other classes with Lisa, ST and Sabina at Authentic Women
♥ Heaps of Yoga, Pilates, balance and tone classes with Marisa and all at Just Believe Fit
♥ Zumba with the amazing Julia and Dance courses with Power Pop Studio
♥ With more to be announced

We can’t wait to keep

rockin’ with you!!!

So you’ll still be sweating with your AWF mates even while AWF (the legal business structure) is on break, and while we are sweating it out changing things behind the scenes.

We hate causing hassle, but we know we can count on your support and understanding during what is a pretty damn stressful time for us!
Because we know you’re all with us in fighting to find ways to keep
AWF alive.

Love ya guts!

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