Can you believe it! 3 Months on from the… Alternative Women’s Fitness’ 12 week challenge.
3 months of good times with great people and super fun exercise thrown in.
Plenty of gyms and fitness programs offer a “12 week challenge” all about weight loss, before and after photos, and dragging yourself through the mud at 5am for “bootcamp.”

AWF’s 12 week challenge focus was the exact opposite – no punishment, just encouragement to FEEL GOOD, physical and mentally.

Challengers nabbed points by attending a huge range of super fun exercise classes to rad music, and also for rocking up to social events, grabbing a drink to natter with challenge friends before or after class, supporting gigs of local female-fronted bands, contributing to worthy fundraising events, and posting silly social media pics for bonus points.

We bribed challengers with weekly and overall prizes to keep motivation up to stay both physically and socially active as the weather got colder; with the focus on emotional wellbeing, body positivity, community involvement, and just plain FUN.

Challenger G (pictured above) scored 3rd place after attending 19 different types of classes, a total of 77 times, and 13 social events in the 12 weeks.

G was a beloved regular at sessions at The Tote, The Old Bar, and 3 Raven’s Brewery, inspiring her quote: “If you’re not exercising in a bar, are you even exercising?”
G’s other unforgettable line about the challenge was “I’m so happy I’m shitting rainbows.”

Challenger Slagathor (pictured above with tongue out) scored 2nd place thanks to smashing 31 different classes, a total of 133 sessions, and 11 social club meets.
Slagathor’s description of the FEEL GOOD challenge is “sweaty goodness with fine as fuck ladies” – need we say more?
Challenger StankGirl (pictured above) was our overall WINNER WINNER TOFURKEY DINNER with too many classes, social meets, and bonus points to list.
When asked her fave moment, StankGirl told us: “What a ride the last 12 weeks have been! Favourite moment? Nah, momentS… meeting new people and building friendships, feeling myself grow stronger after each class, ALL the beer and knowing I now have a rocking crew of AWF legends in my life!! Thanks so much for the last 12 weeks, and the last 12 months. LOVE YOU GUYS!!”

We love you too, Stank, Slag and G! 😉 And all our other rad Challengers, too: Every single one of you is a winner for getting your body moving during the cold months, hanging out with us for drinks and pizza, sharing fun photos on Insta & FB; and mostly just for becoming super beloved members of the AWF family.

The challenge may be over, but we still encourage all of you, and all rad women, to keep getting out, jumping around and rocking on!!!

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