Surely following your work-out with a beer is counter-productive, right?


Three or more beers is a bad idea, but if dreaming about a drink motivates you to get moving in a fun fitness class, a beer or two after will actually do you good. While many people who live and breathe fitness do indeed completely eschew alcohol, that doesn’t mean that teetotalism is the best option for most. After all, those people probably also go to bed early on Saturday nights, hate chocolate, weigh themselves daily and listen to Nickelback.

At AWF we’re more interested in helping you live a healthy, fun, balanced life; than obsessing over inches, following the latest fad diet, or missing out on the finer things in life. And living your best life might well include tasting the newest award winning craft beer for free*. Because why the hell not?

As long as you don’t drink to excess*, a pot of the ol’ hops has a lot to offer!

The many benefits of beer drinking include:

  • It’s good for your heart! Moderate* beer drinkers are 30 – 35% less likely to suffer stroke, heart disease, or heart attack than those who don’t drink, according to the New England Journey of Medicine.
  • It’s full of antioxidants! You know how Karen excuses her daily vino with the old “antioxidants protect you from cancer” angle? Well guess what, beer has just as many antioxidants as wine AND more vitamin B! So suck on that, Karen.
  • It strengthens your bones! We women are at pretty high risk of osteoporosis, especially the vegans among us. But beer contains something called OSA, which helps build stronger bones, according to the US National Institute of Health.
Speaking of vegans, most beer is vegetarian and vegan friendly, unlike wine and many other drinks that are strained with isinglass or gelatin. Wanna check whether your fave is free from animal products?
There’s a website for that!

‘Straya. Beer. ‘Nuff said.
Odes to ale. Everyone from Henry Rollins to The Doors, Tom Waits to The Replacements, and Bloodduster to The Donnas have bellowed beautiful music about their beloved beer – don’t you want to sing along!?
It is important to be aware that drinking to excess is bad for you and binge-drinking is SUPER bad for you. And if you have a health condition or religious belief that precludes alcohol consumption, or are under 18, stick with the ginger beer.

But for most of us, drinking beer in moderation* is actually pretty damn healthy. Especially if you’ve just done your body a favour with some good healthy exercise, too.

Self-care is about balance – and about having fun, being social, moving that body, and indulging in the odd pot of pilsner or pale ale on occasion.
Why not make that occasion after your next fitness session? Especially if we at AWF are picking up the bar tab*.

Cheers, loves!
Head Coach Sabina

Written by: Samantha McPherson

*Moderate Alcohol Intake = 2 standard drinks per day.
More than that = bad! So join us for just one or two standard glasses, or swap it for a soft drink! We love everyone, including non-drinkers.
For more info to ensure alcohol stays fun for you, and doesn’t become a problem, check out: DRINKWISE

*Free beer, offered after participating in some classes.