Let’s drink to our health, but first, Brewery Fit! Brought to you by our fearless leader Sabina and ya friends at 3 Ravens Brewery. Now the physical is easier than ever! You’ll never have to choose between brews or fitness again, YES!

Get amongst ya pals, or the pals ya haven’t met yet, and feel the burn! Or should we say feel the beer? Either way, take the UGH out of fitness and put the BEER back into it!

This circuit style ripper of a class allows you to get the best of all worlds and maximum fun, sans the running and jumping because who wants to do that. Although you may be required to bust out ya best dance move or two.

You can expect the fun stuff like push-ups, lunges and planking to get the blood flowin’ and the banter goin’. The super-babes joining ya on ya beer-fuelled* journey are down for a chat amongst the carefully curated playlist of workout tunes selected specifically with beer in mind.

Reward yaself post-workout with a cheeky pot of one of the choice brews supplied by the fine people at 3 Ravens Brewery—the carbs and protein content in beer is good for ya (in modest amounts)! Although drinking in excess and binge drinking is a big no-no, a bev’ every now and then in moderation, especially after physical exercise, can actually be quite revitalising for ya hot ’n’ sweaty bod. According to the Mayo Clinic, moderate alcohol consumption may provide health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and even diabetes. So there ya go, SCIENCE!
Brew not for you? Don’t let that phase ya! There’s plenty of soft drink, water and chats to go around after class at the AWF Social Club.

See ya there AWFers, ya next drink is on us!

*When we say beer-fuelled, we mean water-fuelled as beer doesn’t come until after and we sure as heck don’t condone heavy drinkin’.

Written by: Aimée Goder