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Suitable for women aged 18+

Thinking about taking a break from the dumbbells? Here’s why CALISTHENIX workouts are worth it:

For starters, it’s been around for a really bloody seriously long time. The Greeks coined the term yonks ago, by smashing together the words kallos, which means ‘beauty’ and sthénos, meaning ‘strength’.

Do I need any fancy equipment? Nup. CALISTHENIX is one of the only ways to build strength without the use of weights. The beauty of CALISTHENIX is that ya can do it anywhere, anytime; all ya need is your body. And some clothes obviously.

CALISTHENIX helps you build some bloody serious strength. CALISTHENIX uses the entire body rather than emphasising certain muscles over others; it’s an all over body workout. And trust us, you can accomplish a shirt load using just your own bodyweight.

CALISTHENIX is gentler on your joints and connective tissue. Resistance training, when performed incorrectly, with too-heavy weights, too often, or in a way that creates imbalances, can put extra stress on tendons, ligaments, and fascia. CALISTHENIX develops strength and size in proportion to your muscular system, with authentic and natural body movements. Genius hey?

CALISTHENIX training develops those fine motor skills that need your brain to work as well as ya bod. Although, coordination, speed, power, strength and agility are all actions demonstrated by ya bod when it’s trained in the art of CALISTHENIX.

You’ll feel like a deadest legend. Yes, for reals. There’s an unmistakable swagger about someone who knows they are working on building strength in their bod in a beautiful new way. You’ll be so proud of you. We are.

Our Master Trainer and fierce AF Epic April will be sharing her love of CALISTHENIX with us all the way from Portland, Oregon in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Join us in your own time zone as April takes us on a user friendly journey with a watch-and-follow style session that suits most skill sets.

This training sesh is LOW IMPACT. You will be encouraged to work within your means and notice improvements with ongoing training.

Whack on your fave band tee and leggings, or any comfy gear that allows a heap of movement, and get strong as.

Your Host: Epic April