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Bend with a bunch of like minded legends… tune in and teach your back who’s boss. Limited places available, so don’t delay your stretchy-times!

For most of us, touching our toes is the main game; no matter your size, or your fitness level; Elastica makes ALL bodies warm and bendy!
A stretch class focused on getting you super supple and deliciously lithe, with the bonus of improving your core strength.
Easy to pick up, watch and follow style, mat (floor) class; with various degrees of difficulty offered in moves, and at the perfect pace so everyone can keep up but no-body will get bored.

This is a body positive, encouraging and inclusive class, in an empowering setting, to an inspiring playlist – and super fun, too!
Wear something comfortable that allows movement, (nothing too floppy – it might get in the way of some moves) socks or bare feet and extra layers when ya cold. You’ll need a water bottle and a large towel (or a yoga mat if you have one).