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Is your mind possessing you?

Release those dark horses you’re emotionally flogging and then settle into your corpse pose during this watch and follow yoga sesh where you’ll move through a gentle Vinyasa flow for the first half, and then has you slithering down to be cradled by gentle yin / restorative shapes for the rest of the sesh.

By the end, you’ll feel like you’re levitating away from the darkness and into the light.

There’s no dolphin love cries back lashing this class. Instead, your ears will be greeted by a bloody good curated, horror themed soundtrack.

You’ll need Spotify (of course) a yoga mat, a large towel or a pull up rug, some yoga blocks and/ or cushions.

You’ll be attired in comfy gear to allow movement and can rock socks or go barefoot. (The Demoness recommends bare tootsies).

Maybe have an extra layer or blanket handy just in case you get chilled to the bone.