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Wtf is this class?

So ‘Shit yeah’ is a more intense way of saying ‘Hell yeah’ right? Then what the hell is HIIT YEAH!? Easy – it’s high intensity interval training so however you like to move, know your Thurslay nights just got a bloody hard rev which we’re turning up to 11.

Join The General for 20 mins of non-stop moving in a small group sesh to a banging’ curated playlist. Why you say? ‘Coz it’s totally time to get your ticker tocking ya dill. Your heart is your most important muscle and this class aims to get it fit and happy af.

What’s that? not sure you’re fit enough? No such thing with this sesh. HIIT YEAH is suitable for ALL fitness levels and includes timed sequences with no silly competitions. Plus you’ll have 5 mins to warm up and then 5 mins of wind down time after going hell for leather.

This is the workout your heart beat has been throbbing for. Your aorta will be loving you sick after these sessions!

What’s that? Put me down for cardio? Keen as?

Oh cool, then we’ll see ya 3-4 mins prior to start time ideally with sneakers on, have a resistance band handy if ya feel like adding on, and a mat, or a patch of floor that you can utilise for the sesh.

For some, Blursdees are when their weekends are about to start. For others it’s when the working week begins. Wherever the day falls on your calendar, add HIIT YEAH to your routine!

If you’re still not convinced, dare yourself to dip your toe in and see how ya go. Who knows? You might just fall in love with cardio! We aim to set up these sessions and make them so bloody enjoyable that time will streak by, leaving you with a happy, mind, body and HEART! Yesssssss.

Before joining this class talk to your doctor if:

  • You’re over 45
  • You’re pregnant
  • Physical activity causes you chest pain
  • You often faint or have severe dizzy spells
  • Moderate-intensity activity makes you very breathless
  • You smoke, are overweight, or have high cholesterol or high blood pressure
  • Your heart beats too fast or irregularly
  • Your cat says it’s their night for snuggles