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If you’re a fan of our Strong Bonez and PINK LIFT classes, lift yourself even higher with LIFT HEAVY, a new sesh designed for you to really step it up.

This is a class built around FUN, lift in’ and sweatin’.

We’re designing a good old fashioned, straight up lifting session. The General will join you in a watch and follow style, motivating you to load up as you workout. And no doubt our curated playlist will get you super pumped. If you’re wondering why weights? Well because they’re awesome, that’s why.

But don’t worry, this is definitely NOT a scored liftin’ sesh or part of a weird, cultish competition. This boutique class aims to take your strength and power up a notch through working with heavier weights.

If you have a variety of hand weights, resistance bands or kettle bells we recommend bringing them along. In time you should progress and will need heavier weights, which you can nab from the local shops or second hand.

There will be no in class drilling or yelling, our trainer The General is super nice, chill and great at offering alt options.

As a club we pride ourselves on an inclusive, loving environment for you to get your pump on. If you need a break, you’re encouraged to drop some weight; the aim is to grow into the ones you’re using.

Our focus will be on killer moves to smash your parts into shape. This will be a mix between standing and floor work.

The General helps you use your weights as super sculptors. When used correctly and weight distro is varied, you’ll be making your stabiliser muscles work super hard ‘n’ stuff. Heavy as.

Wearing sneakers is a must. No bare feet peeps, thanks.

NOTE: Always let us know in advance if you’re experiencing any injuries. Our trainers can then adjust the class. If you rock up late to class and let the trainer know then and there about your injury you will likely be taking a lot of time away from the exercises. Our trainers have the knowledge to design classes around injuries, but they’re not psychic, so please take advantage of their knowledge by letting them know.

It’s also mega important that you’ve attended our weights / related classes in the past and have nailed your form to complete basic lifts and are ready to move on up. If you’re not sure, contact us. If you’ve got transferable experience elsewhere that will suit, pop it in the notes in the booking checkout bit. We’re serious about this stuff, so please; fill us in on any details.