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Suitable for most levels ages 18+

Stretch into stillness and self-compassion with mindful AF Yin Yoga. Take Sunday self-care to a new blissful level with this most calm and introspective form of yoga.

Melt your muscles in longer pose holds with an emphasis on acceptance, and gently unwind mind, body and soul. Slow and focused LUSH YIN YOGA helps balance out all the busy Yang in your life, so you can release your inner demons and bathe in the after-glow. Schedule in some restful you-time to end your weekend on a relaxing note, ready start your next week revitalised.

No dolphin music in AWF classes, ever – loosen up to laid-back unplugged rock, soul and blues.

If you have yoga mat, large towel or a pull up a rug. Snatch a cushion from the couch, (or a yoga block you have one).

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, socks to warm cold feet, or go barefoot and fancy free and in the cooler weather, ya might need a blanket.

Important: Sail on in early so you’re not hurried and hassled but cool, calm, and ready for serenity.

Your Host: Jo Bends