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MUSIC THEME: Fe-met-ale

This is your moderate intensity yoga session and it’s all about nailing those intense poses and releasing that tension.

The idea behind ROAR ‘N’ RELEASE YOGA is that we all have a lot of stress and strain in our lives and sometimes, you just need to get it the fuck out! A step up from our other yoga sessions, ROAR ‘N’ RELEASE may have ya workin’ and sweatin’ tad more.

You’ll strengthen your core and yourself with stronger, fiercer sequences – unleashing the demon with a ROAR.

Oh yeah and coz it’s on a mid week, you’ll continue to power through your week like a beast!

You are encouraged to work within your means and alternative options are always on offer.

Wear comfy gear that allows movement and socks or bare feet. You’ll feel hotter than hell for the most part – but you might cop a chill towards the end, so have layers handy.

Your Host: Hell-Yeah Haley