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In every generation there is a chosen one…


Hey Slayer, wanna learn to biff like Buffy?? Wanna be the thing that monsters have nightmares about? Are you like a superhero or something? Don’t worry we’re not gathering in some underground vampire den… Or are we? All we wanna know is… Do you love a bit a biff? Yeh? Good. Coz we love a-bit-a-biffo!!

Join us for season 1 of a knock-out (online) session for you to build the strength and confidence to slay everrry day!

Expect a twisted sesh with strong influences from mixed martial arts oozing from all corners of the ring. Watch(er) and follow in Head Coach’s cosmic shadow. We love building a community of Slayers, training you up to feel confident enough to deal with whateverrr else life throws ya. We don’t fight like girls, we put the Grrr in girl!!

With the AWF Scooby Gang in your corner, you’ll feel ALIVE, rolling with the punches and kicking major butt! Limited places available, so don’t be beaten to the punch! Whether you just want to learn how to kick, or have set your sights on becoming the next Class Protector or UFC superstar, it all starts with a class like Slayer.

Slayer is a more than just kickboxing; involving elbows, spiking, kneeing, limbering up, balance, clinching and more. IRL this is one of the most full-contact martial arts to exist. But online you’ll be on your own, gettin’ stuck into the fresh air.

Now is the time to listen to your Watcher and try out Slayer, to see just how powerful and confident you can become. We might even break for a boogie just like you’re at The Bronze!

Zero prerequisites, other than be willing to learn and have fun. On the day of your sesh, the demons that hang at Willy’s might hit you, making you feel anxious, tired, over/under whelmed, or like you’ve lost your strength. But fear not, sometimes when it’s dark and lonely think, ‘What would Buffy do?’…. grab Mr Pointy and continue to kick butt!! When you turn up for class and feel the slightest bit out of your comfort zone, this means you’re learning and growing as a Slayer and just imagine how you can take your fighting experience/s into other areas of your life!

Like in the Buffyverse, things can frequently fall apart, but she built herself back up stronger and kept fighting to save the world — there was no other option.

What do Slayers need?

  • Zero, some or heaps of punching/kicking experience
  • A Slayer name
  • Gimmick/themed outfits optional (leather jackets at the ready??)

Suitable for all levels:

  • Potentials (absolute beginners)
  • Kendra (slightly experienced)
  • Buffy/Faith (experienced)

Come join us in the world of slaying. Encouragement and support of everyone regardless of experience, come and join the Scooby Gang as together we are stronger! ‘You’re not special. You’re extraordinary.

YOUR HOST:’ Head Coach Sabina Slays