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Suitable for ages 18+ and perfect for anyone that wants to be strong AF!

There are so many benefits of increasing your strength and improving your ability to perform daily tasks… Let’s face it, it’s great when you can take all the shopping in at one go.

By increasing your strength we improve not only our muscles but our tendons, ligaments and strengthen our bones!

Strong Bonez will help you create a foundation of strength by using resistance, weighted and varied body weight exercises that will make you feel stronger than ever before!

Do you have injuries and ailments? The entire workout can be performed with LOW IMPACT options.

Optional, if you have; Bring a set of dumbbells (or an extra drink bottle filled with water to use as a weight) and/ or a resistance band. The workout can also be done without equipment.

Wear something comfortable that allows movement and sneakers. You’ll need a water bottle and a large towel (or a yoga mat if you have one).

Your Host: General Legend Nat