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Sweet Dreams is a class designed with those on the east coast of Australia in mind.

Like breathing, sleep is super essential to keep us tickin’. And we reckon a yoga sesh like this may be just the ticket to help you get some decent zeeees. Those joining from other parts of the world can also reap the benefits of this blissful af sesh; setting yourself up for a well earned nap or a chill arvo.

Like the liner notes of the Eurythmics song suggests – we’re all here on Earth, trying to make sense of our lives and survive everything that’s thrown at us. And it’s not always fun.

So why not do yourselves a favour by stretching into stillness and self-compassion with Yin Yoga? It’s mindful and soothing AF, (just like our Master Yogi’s voice). Even manic cats have been lulled to sleep by her calm tone. No really.

This class can help add some self-care to your routine, and then take it to a new and blissful level with this most calm and introspective form of yoga. Follow the Master’s moves to unclamp your muscles, taking longer pose holds with an emphasis on accepting where your body wants you to go. Gently unfurl your mind, body and soul.

Slow and focused, SWEET DREAMS YIN YOGA will help balance out all the Yang in ya life.

Join us to set your inner stress free and bathe in the sleepy after-glow.

This snoozey-style of practice is best done in low light.

Wear something comfy as that allows movement, (nothing too floppy – it might get in the way of some moves) socks or bare feet and extra layers when ya cold. Make your space cozy, have something nice to lie on also have a blanket and cushions handy.

– Sweet as!