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Firstly, wipe the idea of pumping your arse for the whole time. We’ll chuck in some leg + ab work too!

Suitable for women aged 18+

LOW IMPACT; boutique workout means the trainer can modify and work back with every individual/s injury and/or aliments. Of course we’ll be focusing on your Arse…. it’s a total toning + strengthening sesh;

Each sesh we change up the moves ’n’ blast your behind through the inevitable plateau your butt would get from doing the same-same moves.

Changing up the routine will surprise your backside, forcing it to adapt; bringing you to new levels of fitness. This process of surprising your mind and heinie is found in each and everyone of our Tight Arse workouts!

We guarantee, No Jumping, no running, all low impact stuff to get your motor running! We recommend freelstyle dancing in the days following your toite arse sesh, just to loosen up ya butt, legs ‘n that. You’re encouraged and supported throughout every session; all SIZE bums welcome.

We can’t wait to rock ya booty!

YOUR HOST: Head Coach Sabina Rulez