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Ride on clouds of fairy floss as you glide through the air during this chill AF yoga sesh.

Inhale the magic and exhale the bad vibes as you stretch, bend and twist yourself like a sugar coated, vegan option, gluten-free pretzel. Unicorn Fantasy Yoga is a sparkly combination of authentic and traditional Hatha yoga techniques, backed by a dreamy, soul and magical soundtrack. Be ready for a balance of slow flowy sequences and gentle holds, in addition to restorative yoga and meditative practices.

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, clop your hooves in some floofy socks or go barefoot.

Pop some snuggly layers just in case jack frost decides to visit.

Good vibes, sweet tunes, Unicorn Fantasy Yoga is open to inexperienced foals or veteran unicorns.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Float in 5 mins prior to start so you don’t miss the introductory bliss bus to rainbow town.