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Suitable for most levels aged 18+

Yoga helps us shed the old ways of seeing things and invites in a renewed sense of strength and vitality to take on a new challenge, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional.

Inhale the rock, exhale the bullsh#t.

YOGA FOR ROCKERS sesh ONLINE taught LIVE by Jo Bends will be of varied low to moderate intensity. With a noice balance energetic vinyasa sequences, dynamic hatha poses, restorative stuff and meditative practices.

No whale moaning in AWF classes, ever – this class is bookended by an issued rock playlist.

If you have yoga mat, large towel or a pull up a rug, nab a cushion (or a yoga block you have one).
Wear comfy gear that allows movement, rock socks or go barefoot. Always have an extra layer and a blanket just in case, particularly in cooler weather.

Your Host: Jo Bends