Whether you’re a regular, Intermediate or Experienced P!nk Boxer, PiNK BOXING *Seasoned* is for you.*
HOPE YOU LOVE SWEATING. Work on all the boxing skills and drills. Get fighting fit with individual strength training and conditioning.
Focus on partner work with your awesome fellow class members. Expect some super lightweight sparring.

All equipment supplied – but BYO boxing gloves and wraps, if ya got ‘em.
Boxing gloves, pads and everything else supplied, no extra costs.

*This class is not appropriate for complete beginners.
Total beginners, check out our FUNdamentals classes!
Owning your own gloves or being able to wrap your hands without help is not compulsory.
Knowing basic stances and punches, and not being afraid to punch or pad hold, is compulsory.
If you’re not sure if this class is for you – just ask your trainer or drop us a line!