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Whether you’re brand new to the world of boxing or just get back to the basics with a killer workout – PiNK BOXiNG is for you. We encourage all PiNK BOXERS to include it regularly as part of their training journey.

This session is high intensity, full body workout that keeps you moving the whole time. When you’re not throwing a punch, you’re working on ducking and slipping, push-ups, squats or core work.

You’ll build confidence and both your mind and body will be challenged. FUNdamentals will have you learning core skills and techniques, with a great mix of boxing and focus on strength and conditioning.

In a typical FUNdamentals sesh you’ll work on the following:

  • Boxing Technique
  • Stance/footwork
  • Core and balance work
  • Shadow boxing /some combos
  • Some partner work/How to pad hold correctly
  • Growing your fitness

We supply all the equipment, the venue, the expertise and the fun!

I’ve done boxing before, do I still need to do FUNdamentals?
We encourage all attendants to have a crack at FUNdamentals before diving in for advanced sessions, regardless of experience. Everyone teaches boxing differently so we need you to get our vibe.

The FUNdamentals session is great for all levels of boxing and will see you work on key techniques integral to all our PiNK BOXiNG sessions, while getting a ripper workout. They work as a great sideline to more advanced classes to ensure you’ve still got a grip on the basics.

When can I move up a level in PiNK BOXiNG?
Everyone is different, so it’s best to chat to you trainer and find out if you’re ready or what you might need to focus on.

Either way, FUNdamentals has a place in any training schedule as a complementary session. We encourage all PiNK BOXERS to include it regularly as part of their training journey.

What if I’m too experienced for FUNdamentals?
Nobody is ever too experienced for our PiNK BOXiNG FUNdamentals sessions. They are designed to refine and grow your current skills, while giving you a high energy workout in a supportive team environment.

As such, we recommend PiNK BOXiNG FUNdamentals as part of ALL our boxing clients’ schedules.

We supply the equipment and the rockin’ soundtrack. Just bring yourself, a water bottle and a can do attitude.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE START TIME. We don’t want you to miss anything important, so be sure to arrive 10mins prior to the start of your session.