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OPEN LEVEL PiNK BOXiNG is for all babes who love to biff. It’s perfect for intermediate boxers, and a refresher for those who’ve had a bit of a break from boxing.

Ideally you’ll have experience in group boxing classes and punching out pad work with your compadres. Complete beginners can join in if you’re up for a challenge and ready to dive into the deep-end.

All levels won’t sink, but swim, with the support of your super encouraging trainer and a welcoming group of gals.
Bring your own wraps and gloves OR we can supply ‘em for you!

A killer confidence builder of a class, we’ll sweat it out to a rockin’ soundtrack while refining your:

  • Boxing Technique
  • Stance/footwork
  • Hand wrapping
  • Core and balance work
  • Shadow boxing /some combos
  • Pad holding and partner work

We offer a grrrls only, safe space for you to come and punch. We supply all the equipment, the venue, the expertise and the fun! Just wear sneakers and shorts / trackies / leggings with a tank top / tee you can move in, and bring a water bottle, a towel and a can do attitude.

I'm a complete beginner, can I do this class?

If you are ready to dive right into the deep-end you can come along to this class.

Please keep in mind that it is greatly beneficial to have some experience of group boxing classes and pad work (esp. holding for ya mates) so that experience levels can be slightly matched for a well rounded workout for all.

The FUNdamentals session is a great place to start instead if you have no prior boxing experience whatsoever.

I haven't boxed for a while, is this a good class to jump into?

YES! This is the perfect sesh to join if you have had some time away from the gloves, pads, and bags. Get back into the swing of things and meet the current crew.

Doing this class is a great way to help you decide if you want to refocus on some FUNdamentals, stick with this class, or get heavy with the INTERMEDIATE gals.

What if there is no one in the class that matches my level?
Don’t stress! One of the huge benefits of OPEN LEVEL is getting to experience boxing with a bunch of different peeps. There is always something to work on, learn, and work with – no matter the skill level of your partner.

We make every effort to make sure you are partnered with someone of a similar skill set to your own so that you all get a great workout, and learn something new.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE START TIME. We don’t want you to miss anything important, so be sure to arrive 10mins prior to the start of your session.