Nope, we’re not swoonin’ over Louboutin’s – we’re falling in love with cardio! Swing in for this small group PT sesh to a banging’ playlist, cos it’s time to get you ticker tocking. Your heart is your most important muscle and we’re gonna get it fit and happy. Suitable for ALL fitness levels, all timed sequences and no competitions.

A workout your heart beat has been throbbing for. Your aorta will love you sik after these sessions! Heart disease is the single biggest killer of Australian women, so we’re helping you towards the goal of around 150 minutes of moderate intensity or vigorous intensity physical activity each week.

Before joining us You should also talk to your doctor if:
• You’re over 45
• You’re pregnant
• Physical activity causes you chest pain
• You often faint or have severe dizzy spells
• Moderate-intensity activity makes you very breathless
• You smoke, are overweight, or have high cholesterol or high blood pressure
• Your heart beats too fast or irregularly
We’ll aim to set you up with a sessions that are so enjoyable time will fly by and you’ll leave with a happy, mind, body and HEART!