Inhale the rock, exhale the bullsh#t.

At YOGA FOR ROCKERS you’ll combine authentic and traditional Hatha yoga techniques to a rockin’ soundtrack.

Alternative Women’s Fitness YOGA FOR ROCKERS sessions are low to moderate intensity, and balance energetic vinyasa sequences, dynamic hatha poses, restorative yoga and meditative practices.In a typical sesh you’ll enjoy a nice flow sequence followed by some longer holds.

YOGA FOR ROCKERS is the perfect way to complement high intensity training such as Muay Thai and Boxing and is ideal for beginners.

Wear comfy gear that allows movement, and bring along socks or go barefoot.

Always bring an extra layer just in case, particularly in cooler weather.We highly encourage dressing to our playlist themes because you’ll have a blast and make your trainer stoked. We love getting in the spirit by rocking leg warmers, bandanas and band tees.

We supply mats and the banging tunes. Just bring yourself, a water bottle and a rock’n’roll attitude.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE START TIME. We don’t want you to miss anything important, so be sure to arrive 5-10 mins prior to the start of your session.